Magi Cards of your Destiny

Questions about Love​, Work, Finances, Health?

  • ​Do you wonder about the compatibility with your new love interest?
  • Are you contemplating a change in your job or beginning a new creative venture?
  • Is there money in your future? Is an investment risky or safe?
  • Do you have any questions concerning health?

During a Destiny Consultation Raina explores the answers to your pertinent questions and concerns. There are insightful details in the Cards about your personal path, where you’ve come from on a Soul level and where your highest potential can take you.

The Magi Cards of Destiny come to us from ancient Egypt, from the Magi Priests of 2000 years ago and even as far back as Atlantis. What looks like an ordinary deck of playing cards is actually a Book of Sacred Symbols used for divination. The ancient Oracle is a combination of Astrology and Numerology and is a structure of timekeeping that aligns perfectly with our calendar. Profound information about you is found by your birth date.
Learn how the lessons described in your Cards are ready to be seen and transformed into creativity and new possibilities. Identify, resolve and reframe old issues that resurface again and again. Make new choices from a place of power, strength and love. Discover your soul purpose, the compass that points the way to true north for your self expression.

See your relationships in a new light, as mirrors to illuminate your own path. Uncover the reasons why certain people are easier to relate to than others. The connections between you and your children, parents, co-workers and partners give valuable information as to the energies you share. Use the Relationship Connections of the Cards to view the blessings and obstacles with any person in your life.

In a reading, your current Cards will reveal information about you for the year ahead as well as for many of the important cycles of the Card Science. The Cards of people in your life also are seen in your chart throughout the year. The beauty of the Cards is that research can be done on the past, the present and the future.

Sacred Teachings from around the world have been kept secret and protected for centuries. Many have known a planetary paradigm shift would occur at this time that it would be of great benefit to the awakening of humankind. Esoteric teachings that were previously unavailable, such as the Destiny Cards, are now present to provide knowledge and heart transformation on global level.

The Magi Card Science made it’s resurgence in the late 1800’s when Olney Richmond authored the “Mystic Test Book” as grandmaster of the Order of the Magi. In 1947 the mystic Science of the Cards was carried on as Edith Randal and Florence Campbell wrote the “Sacred Symbols of the Ancients”.

Arne Lein taught the Science of the Cards in the 1970’s and is the author of “What’s Your Card?”

Robert Lee Camp, teacher and author, has currently written several books such as the “Love Cards” and the “Cards of your Destiny” that bring forward the timeless knowledge of the Cards and the transformational wisdom that is of the utmost importance today.